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Swanage Lodge

Blandford Lodge


The Responsible Individual / Registered Manager is fully qualified and competent in his field. He has worked for over 20 years in the mental health setting as a Registered Nurse / Manager. He is supported by a wonderful team of qualified, experienced and highly skilled individuals.

All staff members are encouraged to participate in the nationally audited and recognised NVQ training and the Home is always aiming to go beyond the required 50 %. There is also ongoing in-house training by external providers as well as the Manager and senior members of the team.

There is only one member of staff within the team who is working towards an NVQ qualification; otherwise all the others have completed their Level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications in Health and Social Care.

The home provides a high level of staffing to ensure the safety and security of its service users and staff.

Quality assurance

As a company committed to finding better ways to care, you can expect to receive from Swanage Lodge:

  • Respect for your dignity, rights and independence
  • Privacy
  • Opportunities to make choices about things that affect you personally
  • Help to live as full a life as possible within the community
  • Confidence that no one is subject to discrimination of any kind
  • Staff members who are polite and courteous, and maintain a good standard of appearance
  • Staff members who have the knowledge, skills and competence to carry out their work for your benefit
  • Completion of the tasks agreed in your care plan
  • Respect for your home and background, culture, belongings, and personal standards

To ensure that we are providing the best level of care at Swanage Lodge, we continuously consult and work alongside our Service users, staff, families/carers and other professionals through informal discussion, interviews and questionnaires.

The Home is closely monitored by the Registered Manager / Proprietor to ensure that everyone is being cared for in a homely, safe and secure environment.

Swanage Lodge is recognised by Investors in People and we support the Skills Pledge initiative.


Swanage Lodge will respect any information you give us about yourself in confidence. The Registered Manager and Deputy will restrict access to information to staff within Swanage Lodge and any other relevant professionals. Any breaches of confidentiality by any member of staff will be dealt with through the company’s disciplinary procedures. Some of your details that are held on file or on a computer will be kept in lines with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information will be disclosed to others only with your consent or if it is required by law.


The fees charged depend on:

The range of resources required, and the components of your individual care package which will be based on service user’s specific needs. The basic fee is common to all service users for the supply of basic services appropriate to persons of medium dependency, including:

  • Appropriately qualified and trained staff in 24 hour attendance
  • Accommodation in a private en-suite bed-sit room
  • Food and drink consumed within the premise
  • All utilities such as heating and lighting
  • Laundry and cleaning carried out on the premises
  • Comprehensive insurance cover for premises and Swanage Lodge’s property
  • Public and employers’ liability
  • The provision of board and lodging on an annual holiday in the UK
  • Day activities organised by Swanage Lodge

The basic fee does not include:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Visits from the hairdresser to the home
  • Visits from the community optician and chiropodist
  • Telephone and internet costs
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Travel and transport costs (except for official appointments, e.g. to the GP, CMHT, Hospitals, etc..)
  • Insurance of personal belongings
  • Entrance costs to cinemas and other commercial leisure facilities
  • Specific treatments, therapeutic, medical or nursing services
  • Other personal requisites.

Funding is usually agreed with the prospective service user or the funding authority prior to trial leave.


Parvy Homes Limited is the Registered Service Provider with the Care Quality Commission and Swanage Lodge is one of the locations. The Home aims to comply with all the outcomes under the Health and Social Care Act. Inspection Reports are available to download from the Care Quality Commission website: www.cqc.org.uk and search under ‘Find a Report’ Or alternatively their postal address is:

Care Quality Commission
London Region
Newcastle Upon Tyne

“The staff are very good. They’re always helpful and willing to help out.”

CP, (Service User)

“Excellent Home and support for my brother. He has made progress where we thought there would be none. Caring staff; a very happy environment”

DC, (Service User’s sister)

“I am extremely happy with my sister residing at Swanage Lodge in the past 4 years. Management and staff are friendly and approachable. If there is anything I want to discuss, management and my sister’s keyworker is only a phone call away.”

YH, (Service User’s sister)

“ Staff members are experienced, focussed and understand the complexities of the mental health condition, deliver high standard of care taking into consideration service user’s sexuality, gender, social and religious background. Teamwork and approach appears to be the ethic at this placement. Positive attitude towards service users encompasses the level of care.”

JN, (Care Co-ordinator)

“I feel care provided is of high quality and my client feels safe living in the care home.”

RN, (Care Co-ordinator)

Appropriately qualified and trained staff in 24 hour attendance